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Questions To Ask A Financial Advisor (Part 2)

Bloomington MN Financial Advisor

Have you been thinking about utilizing the services of a financial advisor? Nowadays, it’s become increasingly common for people to seek out the advice and assistance from a financial advisor or a financial planner for a variety of different reasons. If you’re looking for a quality financial advisor who can assist you, then here are some questions that you should ask when interviewing prospective financial planners to hire: 

What Are Your Qualifications?

For one, it’s crucial to always inquire about the qualifications of the financial planners you are thinking about hiring. The reason is because not all financial planners have the same qualifications and background. That’s why it’s important to find one who has the kind of qualifications, experience, and specialization that you’re looking for. 

What Is Your Investment Philosophy

Another thing that’s important to ask is about what their investment philosophy is, since one of the many services that people tend to seek financial advice for is investments. The reason is because you want to make sure that the financial advisor who is working with you is giving you advice that will benefit you and that is appropriate for your financial situation. 

How Long Have You Been Serving Clients?

Lastly, it’s also a good idea, when you’re interviewing them, to inquire about their experience and background and to learn more about how long they’ve been serving clients and which types of clients they specialize in working with and assisting. This will give you a better idea if a particular financial planner is a good fit for you or not. 

To learn more about our financial planning services, don’t hesitate to contact Michael Rebischke, your local financial planner near Bloomington MN, today. 

About Me:

I'm Michael Rebischke, and as a wealth advisor, my job is to help you manage your financial affairs, and put a plan in place so you can focus on enjoying the life you want to life. As life continues to evolve, the impact of every financial decision is greater than ever. I work together with my clients, providing them with easy-to-understand recommendations, and helping them implement them every step of the way.

Services I Offer:

College Planning | Saving and Investing for a Purpose | Financial Planning | Financial Organization | Financial Independence | Investment Management | Debt Management

Locations I Serve:

Lakeville | Eagan |  Rosemount | Edina | Bloomington | Minneapolis | St Paul | Twin Cities Metro | Minnesota

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