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        Every Journey is Unique

As your advisor, I will focus on helping you live your best life possible with the money you have, while still preparing for tomorrow.  My process is designed to ensure your finances are aligned with your goals and that you have planned for life's transitions.  Each step of the process works toward improving your relationship with money and shifting your mindset to be the owner of your financial decisions. 

Who I Serve


                        Current and former employees of Thomson Reuters

                Life Stage

                         I specialize in people who are beginning to consider retirement, usually within 10 years

                Nice People

                        I like to work with genuinely nice people with whom we share a mutual respect

                Looking for a trusted advisor

                        My clients have never or have had limited exposure to financial advisors and understand that their financial success is too important to do                           it themselves

Step 1 - Phone meeting

This is a 15 minute call to understand your needs and to ensure my expertise can meet your needs.  

Step 2 - Initial meeting

We discuss your situation to identify your goals and to discuss your financial situation.  I will describe my process, fees and identify the deliverables. 

At the end of the meeting, we will discuss whether we are a fit to work together or if you would like to sleep on it.

Step 3 - Analysis

I apply my experience, training and knowledge to establish a plan for you to implement.  We will also answer the below questions:

  • Do you have enough income to sustain your current and future lifestyle?
  • Are you overpaying your taxes?
  • Can we reduce threats to your portfolio?
  • Can your portfolio be improved?

Step 4 - Strategy Meeting

During this meeting, I will explain what you need to do to reach your financial goals including the questions from our initial meeting.  We will also answer any questions you may have and if you are ready to become a client, we will begin the paperwork.  

While I want to work with you, if you decide that this is not a good fit, I wish you all the best and every success. 

Building a Plan to Help You

Connect the Dots      

My Story

I grew up in South Dakota with my parents and 4 siblings, and I now reside in Lakeville, MN with my family.  My parents taught us the value of money and instilled the fundamental philosophy of spending less than you make.  Throughout my life, I have been able to build on that philosophy which has enabled my family and I to enjoy a full and complete life.  

The reason I changed careers to the world of a wealth advisor was to share my story and help others develop good money habits so that their relationship with money would be a foundation for which they could live a complete life.  The guiding principal I use every day is that money is a tool which is used to help you live your best life possible.   By using this principal in everything I do, I have been able to help my clients align their lives with their purpose.  I have first hand seen how this approach has helped my family and my clients live a happy life, which is why I find my work so energizing and fulfilling.    

Upcoming Events

More Events Coming Soon!

   Getting Started is Easy

While every conversation is different, you should expect to cover some general information and get a sense of what it’s like to collaborate with me.

To help prepare for this meeting, you should have a basic idea of your current financial picture and financial goals. How are things now? Do you have any concerns? What do you hope to accomplish in the next few years and longer term?

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